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Thoughts: Checkmate

How much can one mind take; endless questions of faith in mankind
Held down by this disease the body can barely shake
Prisoner to these ideals; witness to how our new world’s taken shape
How it’s expected, we’re to act like we don’t see all this hate on our TV screen
Negative thoughts brought forth with no real reason 5
As if to think positive of another is an act of treason
What they’d have us all think, all us criminals think about upon release
Sentiments which burn over time, like anything left to freeze
Byproduct of an inability to merely agree on what it is to be free
Spectator to another play, all based off another’s greed for more 10
Well aware things are far from even if we actually kept score
An observation of, ‘these days’ as they continue to head to the fork in the road
Conflict derived from an unwanted marriage, built off something new and old
Anger over what’s long been acknowledged as past due and owed
The exact opposite of what portrayed and showed 15
As if this plight is merely entertainment, a script for a new show
Exploitation which comes across as zero below degrees;
A cold act, an illustration of how we’ve today developed and grown.
The perspective of a free man who remembers; like property we we’re owned
Unwanted anywhere except where we’re meant to be, foreigner in a new town 20
Peasants bought to merely wipe down and clean the crown
Past, present, and future, all same; possibly even more dire than that sounds
On the run for life as society turns a blind eye to its supposed hounds of justice
Innocent or guilty, found in possession of disease that require we all die
At risk as even these very words are typed 25
In a battle for survival, that has little to do with might
Wrong regardless; regardless whether or not you were right in the first place
Told subconsciously, sit with the understanding, first remember our place
A direct translation of the body language written upon every last muted face
Telephone operators who could careless how long you sit to wait 30
Those quick to pick up, seconds after its too late
Only available to talk when this game if chess we call life, is at checkmate


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