Posted in 2016, New Stuff

Life’s Pension Plan

For a moment, put down your bags and follow
The perspective of a bird as it looks below
A life you’re invited to merely barrow
Meeting our actor, stranded on the road of life
Pain, concealed within the fabric of a lie (5)
Something not known by those closest, why they deny
Unaware of who and what comes alive at night
Byproduct of each methodical cut from a frienemies knife
People who take the price of friendship for granted
Self medicating just to stop feeling like an ant (10)
Walked over, always fearful of being stepped on; games of chance
A lack of trust, hard to understand
As fragile and delicate as a castle in the sand
Such little faith, its transformed itself into a mark of shame
To know regardless, each bond made will end the same (15)
Bonds born to be changed; the aim of evolution
Situations preserved in a mental picture frame
Pictures preserved in time; a screen shot of blame
With all the ales of a concussion to the brain
Causes and effects, that drive any insane (20)
Left out, looking in; where normal is strange
Passenger aboard a run away train
What happens when wild animals are tamed
Those who act as if everything is one big game
Dismissive of every last morsel of grain (25)
Player in a contest with nothing real to be gained from it
The sight of a comet at a glance
Lost at sea; waiting to hear over the horizon, lies land
On trail; made to stand for what been done
Made to pay for what’s no longer; life’s pension plan (30)


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