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Like anything forbidden, the worst part is the start,
An ode to the poker players; heart and soul gamblers,
Labeled fools for looking so forward to fail,
Privileged to say, they touched heaven right before they fell,
Cursed to eternally obey this unspoken spell; (5)
Yesterday’s successful businessman, beyond your’s and my help,
Like when politicians struggle to relate to themselves,
So lost, all that’s left of them is a bunch of ‘stuff’ on a shelf,
A lifetime as hallow as the sounds from a sea shell,
Too focused on the big picture to ever care for the finer details, (10)
Regrets we all chase like a dog with its tail
Steps to avoid, as if it’s possible to know all the steps it entails,
Moments it pays to be more turtle or snail instead hare
70-year-old men, still waking up missing their hair
Pieces of our whole existence, superficial but also vital as air (15)
Things we miss most when they’re no longer their
Lessons learned best, when life wasn’t being fair;
Stranded with a flat tire, with no more road flares,
Well aware, the later into the night this goes, the less people care
Family and friends who wouldn’t visit you in intensive care (20)
At the mercy of strangers, with little to no tendency to share
Nameless faces, all lacking the self-respect to never stare
The worst and best of human nature; how best to compare both
Traits used to define humanity; old as the oak on trees
What pushes some and not all to their knees (25)
An unspoken spell, cast in secret so it’s eternally obeyed
Cast out from the heavens; forever in search of a new haven
Labeled fool for finding one among the fallen
Poker players, playing for forbidden gems;
Why the worst part is when it starts all over again. (30)


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