Posted in 2016

Fuel for the Future

Funny how any perceive they know the real you,
Walking around without a single clue,
Unaware what’s holding you together like glue
Always analyzing well-known facts, never anything new
Uninterested in these hidden demons, they can never knew of (5)
Trials and tribulations all must go through
To busy reciting the basics; how all is great and the sky is still blue
Outlining how certain insights come across as  inappropriate and rude
Adding more diesel to this fire, now converted into food
Highlighting how when at our lowest, there is still more to lose (10)
The byproduct of a distractions; to focused to remember to turn off cruise control
What happens when the games we love, stop being played by rules
The defendant, only God and them know, the  accused is innocent
Bastard for having the audacity to actually refuse
Stories of old, picked up today as yesterdays news (15)
An anguish and pain only the source can reuse
Learning how to manipulate each last fuse
Knowing to do any otherwise, would the acts of a fool
Punishment from the here and now, deemed as cruel and inconsiderate;
Moments of anguish, merely fuel for the future. (20)


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