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Thoughts: Hard to Tell

For no matter how far, we know there need be more,
Witness of an injustice that’s become culturally reinforced.
Heavy concepts, the weight of man going through a divorce
Facts of our lives, with no multi-verse or alternative choice,
Left to only resent; denial over the impact of a single voice, (5)
Proclamations how change starts with a single vote,
Guidance to be relied upon but also hope,
Hope left at the mercy of a wise man’s advice;
Those who’ll tell us wrong, just so we can grow
A sign of the times, frozen in place so the snow can melt; (10)
As by then, all these different opinions would have melded,
Tomorrow-land, where all thoughts are one consensus opinions,
Where we have no responsibility  for the mess we’ve made,
As if someone is meant to clean after us like in-house maids.
Servants to deal with the trash, so we can focus on the maze, (15)
A thought deeper than anything else on this page,
Questions and answers, solutions which move at their own pace,
Solutions for what’s been; what stands before us, face to face
As if to merely grasp the difference between real and fake,
The weight of our choices, those regarding our fate or faith, (20)
First require we go back on personal promises;
Past alcoholics who’d risk it all with one drink; the myth,
Unveiled to an audience as nothing more than another trick,
A trained lair, master in the arts of lyrical magic
Such slander, its only natural sane men are driven to madness (25)
Finding oneself so fed up, its way past enough,
An accountant’s bottom line; living amid the honest nest,
Where the next concern is less about what’s next;
As the worst is almost expected,
Instead more curious if human self-respect ever kicks in; (30)
Glimpses into the physics of servitude, slaves all over again,
Stuck here knowing there is no end to this horror
As if we’re at an ‘all you can eat’, asking for more,
More when all that’s sold here is well past its sale by date
Taking apart in debate, rigged to only expose, (35)
Exposing a preconceived image; faces of rage never composed
Father to diseases we neglect to sanitize; simple as boiling water on a stove,
Simple to the disenfranchised that is, the grove of trees;
Used for camp fire, tears sorrow burned to prove their point,
The motive behind each discovery found at the end of a joint; (40)
High enough to face the ascension of evils greatest mountain,
Where it’s possible for any to deduce fact from within fiction,
Where there is no restriction to the distinction of law or order.
Provided the same menus as we place orders, for our futures
Victims both, to the same levels of prosperity and torture; (45)
Spectators both, as a common enemy rapes away our souls
The teacher and student, the administers of pain filled lectures,
Insight meant to enlighten how less is actually more;
Acts of savage, cursed to a war of mind and conscience.
A hypothesis, this is about more than just religious beliefs; (50)
Mans saddest plague, a virus we are all instantly contagious too,
Brain washing done to assist with various parts of a process,
So basic in design, here comes the next child ready to confess.
Told our solutions are not the problem; a mirage in the distance,
Reality from fantasy, simple traits that make the difference; (55)
Differences which resonate with any conscious, free mind;
Two who use to be, because what’s mine isn’t also his.
The petty one, quick claim what’s theirs in the fridge,
Left out, looking inwards; we’re supposedly meant to live
Asking what does it take to forgive in situations like this. (60)
Once described as three-fifths of a man, bartered for business;
Why depending who we ask, it’s so deplorable to hold up our fist,
So mixed up at this point in time,
It’s hard to tell if the transgressions or retaliations came first;
As if that even makes a difference at this point. (65)


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