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Gift and Curse

Upon arrival at the gates, this is what they’ll recite and read.
Another who struggled most, to merely believe,
Only sure of scientific facts; all that’s good, is destined to leave.
Details of society; realized best when left to grieve
A lesson that’ll put on its own exhibition of gospel, (5)
Teaching, any pain dealt with leaves a mind free,
Utilizing this same torment as a source of air to breathe,
Relishing these very conflicts, any walk of life is sure to breed.
Stuck in the past; constant evaluations of what classifies as a need,
What we beg for still; silent prayers disguised as pleas, (10)
Insight responsible for how any future news, good or bad, is received,
Unconcerned if any should understand or agree,
Major life events that’ll change you like a vegan who’s given up on meat,
Walking a path with no map, in search of success over defeat;
Told their’s a price to pay, as stated on the receipt, (15)
Unable to afford the alternative; doing all that needed to crack the code,
Those of us who’ve found to much warmth within the depths of cold,
What it means in this generation, to grow old,
All in search of a peace of mind, foretold to make any whole.
A false facade, reminiscent of how entry into the heavens, is a life goal; (20)
Walking through golden gates to fill-in, self-inflicted holes.
That all will change when we see those we still long to hold tight,
Playing the part of any given days, designated roll,
Here with helping hands for the stuck; companions stranded on the road;
Surviving if needed, together, as burdens take a shared toll; (25)
Time served that’ll surely result in us, one day being paroled,
Free from captivity; release from an enemy disguised as a role model,
Byproduct of an abundance of wealth, all from single pebble of intellectual gold.
Built solely off personal scars, no one else can truly know of;
A gift and curse, doing what it does best. (30)


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