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Discovery and Journey

Pack light as we set sail on a tale of discovery and journey,
Analyzing specific points of focus, highlighted for all to see,
A theoretical exhibition of how things today, are to be;
Concepts deeper than the phrases, left here for strangers to read,
Lyrics flowing from wherever conscious thoughts, bleed out,
The poetry of words, born from just one seed,
A gift discovered while floating away lost at sea.
Hardened by joy equating to greed,
Words disguising the reasons we’re lead to believe in them,
Remorse for each and every evil deed,
Lugging around burdens the weight of an anvil;
Looking out for drama as it carries a certain appeal,
Spices needed; salt and pepper missing from today’s meal,
Fears of the forgotten; when the promise of tomorrow is killed off,
The very thing behind the purpose of fee will;
What remains and has also been instilled; regardless what’s revealed,
Utilizing pen and paper to steadily rebuild, what has been,
Exporting all parts of self, both the fake and real,
What when younger, only felt weird;
The sophomore in high school with a full beard,
Burdens of the time, resolved with a multitude of cold beers.
An acceptance that no man is supposed to build a home here;
Guided by faulty insight, no one else can clearly hear but me,
Prophesy, seen all across every last TV channel crystal clear;
Militant thoughts, born to be the downfall of our leader;
Misleading the masses, up and down metaphorical ladder,
Techniques to both sink and walk on water,
A manual for dealing with disaster; a tale of discovery and journey.

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