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Done With Ease

In the ears of strangers, 
These words mean little; 
A personal mission of self-discovery, 
Poetic plastic surgery. 
A realignment of thoughts, 
Flash lights for when lost, 
Change to cover any cost, 
Insight lacked by most, 
Morris code to a civilian; 
Fruit branded forbidden, 
Prescription medication, 10 
Deep inner meditation, 
Manipulation of mind and spirit, 
Ambitions worth the risk, 
Going into cardiac arrest, 
Over what happens next; 15 
Secrets of the treasure chest, 
Games of chess, 
Reasons to confess, 
What it means to be the best; 
Aggression mixed with fineness, 20 
Breaking down the defense, 
Illustrating the difference, 
Of present vs. the past tense; 
Actors who pretend, 
Over the ramifications of sins. 25 
What we all know will happen again, 
A chapter that’s yet to meet it end, 
Making it possible to forget; 
The meaning of self-respect, 
What the next man would die to protect. 30 
Fixing every last mistakes, 
Working over each misstep, 
Cleaning up our own mess, 
Instructing like a professor; 
How to alleviate pressure. 35 
Techniques that’ll last forever, 
Life that could be no better, 
Secrets buried within the treasure, 
Acts based off personal pleasure, 
Till we can’t take any more, 40 
Prepared for the encore, 
Giving you what’s all yours, 
Taking you behind closed doors, 
Adored secrets of the sheets, 
Where mates of the soul meet, 45 
Athletes who love to compete, 
Working till the job is complete, 
Unwilling to accept to defeat, 
The cure to your disease, 
Complex acts of passion, done with ease. 50


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