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Thoughts Vol. I

What happens as patience and time passes.
Sharing sights seen with gloomy glasses,
Written from a will to compose classic material,
Written with words that can come off as dejected and tragic.
Painting the malicious with only mayhem and havoc;
Driven by emotions genetically attracted to static,
Why each poem written is it’s own risk and reward;
Being set up as the fall guy for the pranksters trick,
Exposing all to mentally distributing germs, sick thoughts;
Where reality can knock us the f@$% out with a brick,
Where agony develops a talent, transforming it into a skill,
Illustrating to this audience, the genesis of this trill,
An ever evolving expose of fake and real,
A never ending battle where neither fails or prevails.
Angels and demons who know no difference between good and evil,
Utilizing experiences felt, to say what’s been revealed.
Sights seen, seen in the eyes of a free will,
A will see through the walls we’ve built;
Forward minded thoughts which instill discipline,
Spoken here to exonerate both, innocent and guilty;
Left here for all to see, a soul and not just flowers, wilt.
Reflections of art, sensual and smooth as any piece of silk,
Cleansed, yet still covered by unavoidable amount of filth,
Trails and tribulations used as a measure real wealth,
A portrait display of one mans gauge on his mental health;
Left with just paper and pen when there’s no one else,
Byproduct of a collection of repetitive thoughts, needed to be released,
Secrets of one life; food for the soul should anyone ever need a meal.



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